Thimble Blossoms mini “Spools Quilt”

Thimble Blossoms mini “Spools Quilt”

What a great day to sew something wonderful.

Be sure to watch out YouTube tutorial here

Today we’ll be featuring a pattern from Thimble Blossoms mini by Camille RosKelley called “Spools.”



1 charm pack (we’ve used Sunny Days by Benartex)

1/4 yd fabric for spool ends

1/3 yd fabric for background and borders

1 fat quarter for backing 1 fat quarter for binding

Let’s take a closer look at this adorable little pattern.

As we open it up there are some tips and tricks which are great for beginners because it gives you some terminology and seam allowances.

Next we have our cutting list.

Then flip it open 1 more time and there’s our Block Assembly, Quilt Assembly, and finally our finishing which is your binding.

It is so important to remember to read your instructions before starting on your project. This will allow you to have a clear understanding of the layout of the quilt and stay a few stitches ahead.

Now I’ll start cutting. I’ve chosen 14 of my favorite prints from our Sunny Days Charm Pack. Something I’d like to point out, if you don’t have a charm pack… don’t worry! You just need 14 – 5 inch squares of your fabric scraps or yardage from your stash!   I’m using a Fiskars cutting mat, an Olfa Rotary Cutter, and a Cute Cuts ruler from Lori Holt!

I’ll sub-cut these each of these Charm Squares into 2 pieces. (2) 3 1/4 by 1 1/2, I’ll label these Fabric A. After cutting all 14 squares you’ll have 27 pieces total. Don’t discard the rest, they’re great for a scrappy project down the road!

Next I’ll cut the gray on gray polka dot for the spool ends. I’ve pre-pressed this to get rid of any pleats or folds. The pattern calls for 18 4 1/4 by 1 1/4 pieces, we’ll label these Fabric B.

Lastly let’s rotary cut the white on white polka dot. Now, so I don’t give away all of the pattern’s goodness, I’ll cut these and meet you back here as soon as I’m done.  Follow your cutting instructions on the pattern for measurements and label in order Fabric C – G.

I’m going to show you how to form one block from the instructions! Set 3 of your fabric A strips to make a spool center.

Make sure you are using a skant 1/4 inch seam to allow maximum size of the finished quilt.

Sew a Fabric D to each side of the spool center.

Take a Fabric B and sew a white Fabric C square diagonal on each corner. Clip a quarter of an inch from seam.

Let’s head over and I’ll show you how to press these seams. Personal preference for me is to iron seams open… especially little ones like these! It just allows to the top to lay nice and flat with less bulk. We’ll open each of these corners and press.

Now sew 2 completed units to the bottom and top of the spool center. Press open. Make 9 Block units.

You’ve got it! You’re almost done piecing!

Next, we’ll sew blocks together into rows and border with our Fabric G.

Now you’ve got to choose your quilting method. For me, I love straight line quilting with my machine! In my mind I know exactly how it’s going to look and there is no “doodling” opportunities.

I have a Husqavaurna Viking and her name is Opal! I’ve had her for about a year and my quilting has just blossomed since then!  I’ll install the walking foot and bring my quilt sandwich over. I’ve taken my quilt top, basted my batting, and then basted my backing. I use Temporary 505 to do so.

I think for this, I’m going to do a diagonal 1/4 inch cross. So what that means, I’ll take my friction pen and draw a center line going each direction.  The friction pen is great because when heat is applied the lines disappear! As a mom of 3 young boys, I can’t always sit and sew completely from start to finish. The friction pen allows me to draw my lines and start and stop as I need to, without erasing.

So I’ll start sewing down the center line and just use my foot as a guide for the next stitch line. I’ll work center to right, then flip! We are all done with quilting! This is looking so so cute! Lastly we’ll just add binding and finish!