Easy Quilted Zipper Bag Tutorial

Easy Quilted Zipper Bag Tutorial

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Let’s sew something wonderful!

Today we are going to be stitching up a cute little zipper bag that is perfect for ALL THE THINGS! One of the wonderful things about it is the customizable size. Once I learned how to make these, everyone in my family had an adorable bag to through in their purse or diaper bag!!!

Materials needed for this tutorial:
3-4 scrap fabric strips
zipper of your choice
scrap batting
1 coordinating fat quarter for lining
Rotary tool
Cutting mat
Sewing machine

To start, grab your scrap stash and pick 3-4 strips to stand out on your zipper bag.
After picking the zipper, measure for accuracy. The size of the zipper is the exact measurement of your bag width. Otherwise, you can cut the zipper smaller to fit your wonderful project. For example: my orange zipper (Little Lacie Zipper) is 20cm/8in long.

With that measurement I know that my strips needs to be cut at 8 inches across.

I’m using this great ruler fabric I have left over from our launch party!

Now, I’ll determine how long I want my bag. At the end, we will “box the corners” to make it stand up on its own. That can take a few inches of fabric away from your bottom strip; keep that in mind.

The ruler fabric I’d like to be in the middle so I’ll cut the excess off of that. This cut is 5 3/4 inches.
I’d like my bag to be a little longer than wider, so I’ll cut my yellow diagonal strip at 2 inches and my blue floral print at 3 inches.

I need 2 cuts of each fabric, 1 set for the front of the bag, 1 set for the back.

Next we’ll head over to the sewing machine and sew our strips together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Press seams open.

Aren’t these turning out beautifully?!

Now, we will need to cut up our batting and lining fabric. Measure your completely unit of the front and back, adding 1/2 inch excess around each side.

Grab your basting spray or safety pins and baste a quilt sandwich.
1) Lining fabric, right side facing down
2) Batting
3) Outside sewn unit, right side facing up

We are ready for quilting!
For this particular bag, I’m going to follow the lines of the rulers on the center fabric and straight line quilt the top and bottom strips at 1/4 inch interval. This will give my bag stability and dimension.

I am loving how this has turned out! If you are having any questions at all, please consult our YouTube tutorial on this very project.

Here is time for the zipper! I’ve chosen this great lace zipper that is top sewn onto my front and back units. Make sure to sew back and forth across several times to ensure strength.

Our bag is looking great!

Lastly, bring your zipper pull to the middle of the zipper (this will allow you to turn your bag right side out). With right sides together (making your bag inside out), sew the 3 open sides of your bag with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Your bag can be finished now! Turn it right side out and enjoy!!!
If you’re anything like me, I have to take it one step further and make my bag stand on its own.

To box the corners: pinch the bottom corner so the bottom seam and side seam are nested together. Measure up about 1/2 inch and sew across several times. Cut the corner 1/4 inch away from your newly sewn seam.

Repeat in the opposite bottom corner.

Turn inside out! And you’re all finished!

I cannot wait to see all the buzz of your completed project!!! Comment down below with a picture so I can marvel at all of your wonderful creations!

As always, thank you for sewing with us in the hive today on this Easy Quilted Zipper Bag!