4-patch Baby Quilt

4-patch Baby Quilt

Hello and what a great day to sew something wonderful. Today we are going to be working on a 4-patch baby quilt.

Several months ago, my husband and I had the privilege of praying for a sweet family in our homeschool group. They’re foster parents and had been fostering a baby from the hospital. Just a few weeks ago, they got the approval to adopt that sweet baby girl!!! She contacted me and I get the honor of making her her very first quilt.

Here’s the materials you’ll need:

2 charm packs

1 yard binding fabric

2 yards backing fabric

Rotary tool

Cutting Mat


Coordinating thread for piecing and quilting

Let’s start by laying separating your charm packs into color families. This can be done easily and quickly to ensure a “scrappy” look to your quilt top.

Next, throw your charm squares up like confetti to mix up the patterns and colors. Just kidding, don’t do that, unless you want to play 52 card pick up for the next hour. You’ll want to start laying out your squares, dividing them among the quilt (i.e. don’t put 2 pinks together or 2 of the same florals next to each other). This quilt looks best as if it was effortless to assemble.

Head over to the sewing machine with your charm squares in stacks of four. Chain piecing 2 squares together and finger pressing open, will allow you to work efficiently. Now, with a quarter inch seam, sew 2 units together making a 4 patch square.

With a high heat iron and steam, open press your seams.

Layout your larger 4 patch squares and start assembling your rows. With a quarter inch seam, sew rows together. For my baby quilt, I had 3 rows of 4 four-patch blocks.

You’re quilt top is finished!

This was such a fun and easy quilt to master. One of the great things is that you can easily adjust to be whatever size best suits your needs. Choose your quilting as a fun straight-line, following and echoing the seams. Or use this as a great time to practice your free-motion quilting techniques. Add an adorable binding and you’re finished with an adorable baby quilt in a matter of hours!

Thank you so much for sewing with us today! I hope you enjoyed and learned something new with this easy 4-patch baby quilt. Comment below with any questions and we’d be glad to answer them!