Bee Organized Quilted Zipper Bag

Bee Organized Quilted Zipper Bag


Hello and what a great day to sew something wonderful!

Today we are going to be working on an adorable little project featuring a block from Lori Holt’s new book Spelling Bee.


Materials you’ll need for this project:

1 favorite block featured in her pattern book

2.5 in strip of coordinating fabric
2.5 in strip of background fabric
Lining fabric

Backing fabric
2.5 in strips for binding

Scrap Heat ‘n’ Bond Zipper


First square up your quilt block. We’ve chosen this really cute bee to feature a bag for quilt supplies on the go. For mine, it measures about 6 inches square.

Next we will add the 2.5 in background border to your quilt block. Other than the quilting, that completes the bottom of the front of your bag.

Moving onto the top, cut 2 pieces of coordinating fabric the width of your bag (plus 1 inch) by about 4 inches. I’ve used my black plaid lining fabric. Adhere the 2 pieces (wrong sides together) with Heat ‘n’ Bond. This completes the top of the front.

Let’s quilt! Cut a piece of lining fabric and batting to the measurement of your quilt block plus 1 inch on both sides. Baste and quilt to your liking.

We are halfway there!

Attach your zipper to the top of your quilt square. We’ve chosen this top stitched lace zipper as a nice accent. Next, arrange that unit to the top portion of your bag. Pin and attach the zipper. Make sure that your zipper pull is on the inside of your stitch line.
Trim the sides to even the top of the bag and the quilt square.

Next, using your completed front as a size pattern, cut the backing and lining fabric with an extra inch for trimming and quilting. With wrong sides together and a piece of batting baste and quilt.

Trim the backing to match the size of the completed front unit.

Pin both together with lining sides touching and sew 1/4 inch seam all the way around. This will leave a raw edge.

Lastly, prepare a 2.5 in strip of binding. We’ve chosen to use a fun bright yellow to accent the body of the bee.

Attach binding and you’re finished!


This turned out to be such an adorably simple bag. I’ve made several in one day as gifts.

Think outside the box! Instead of your favorite quilt block from the pattern book, use 2.5 squares to form patterns, a scrappy look, or a medical sign. We’ve made one for our diaper bag to hold my sons emergency epileptic shots. You can also use leftover quilt blocks from a previous quilt. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks so much for stitching with us in the hive today! We are looking forward to seeing your completed projects. Make sure to upload a picture in the comments below or on instagram with the #keabee.
Until next time, happy quilting bees!